VARIOUS Mobile apps

VARIOUS mobile apps & games

Here you can find several mobile apps and games I helped creating. Some of these projects I can't really talk too much about yet while others are already quite dated. I chose to show them here anyway because I would love to do more of them. I like the challenge of designing for both Android and IOS. 

IOS vs. Android (material design)

I can't really show much of this project (still in production) but the challenge here was to wireframe this app both for IOS and Android. I learnt a lot about the little differences between the two platforms. I even switched mobile phones for a couple of months to literally get a feel for the new Android OS (lollipop).

Stressmannetje, the game

IOS / Android platform game for De Lijn. 

Obscura by La fille d'O

IOS app that enables users to censor sensitive photos. Users can choose to blur or pixelate certain areas or cover them with the all-known black rectangles.

HETPALEIS, praatkameraad

App commisioned by HETPALEIS that enables visitors of the theater record a short video with their reactions after seeing a play. Recorded movies can easily be published to the Facebook page.

De Morgen M-app

Proposal for a cultural app for De Morgen.

ERISTOFF Nightlife app

Proposal for a nightlife app for Eristoff.